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  • Ozlem Odabas Tavares

    » Odabas Tavares Law Office is proud to be a part of the EureseaU network which provides us with the access to the currently twentyfour jurisdictions while being based in Ankara, and highly appreciates the opportunity of collaboration and friendship extended by each member law firm. This is indeed priceless! «
    Ozlem Odabas Tavares
    President EURESEAU

  •  Gabriel Grant, Partner Streathers Solicitors

    » We are very proud to offer our clients the opportunity to connect with the Euréseau network. It’s members share the same commitment to excellence and superb client service we do. We do not hesitate to refer our clients to Euréseau member firms when they require expertise from jurisdictions around the world. «
    Gabriel Grant, Partner
    Streathers Solicitors

  • Hans-Oluf Meyer

    » Membership of Euréseau has provided our firm the opportunity to refer our clients to good attorneys in the network. These referrals are made with confidence knowing that our clients will be well served. «
    Hans-Oluf Meyer
    advokatfirma | meyer

  • Dr. Alix Frank-Thomasser

    » I am a proud member of Euréseau because Eureséau combines both: Professional member firms and best friends throughout the world. We share our specific legal knowledge and practical experience for the benefit of our clients going cross-border. «
    Dr. Alix Frank-Thomasser
    Alix Frank Rechtsanwälte GmbH

  • » At Euréseau we empower each other with our collectively international legal practices. This strong value-based professional and personal bound between lawyers around the world serves our clients the best. «
    Kinga Madocsai, Partner
    SimpLEGAL – Your Digital Law Firm, Hungary

  • Emanuele Urso

    » Founding member of Eureseau, Finpro is a law and accountants firm based with three offices in the North East of Italy. Being a member of Eureseau allows us to give a good, effective and fast global legal service to our clients from very good colleagues and at the same times old friends. «
    Emanuele Urso
    FINPRO Commercialisti e Avvocati Associati

  • Marit Winnem

    » Euréseau is more than a legal network. It gives us the opportunity to build personal relationships and friendships with lawyer colleagues abroad. Through these personal relations in the EuréseaU network, our clients in need of legal assistance abroad can be referred to one of our lawyer colleagues, and we know they will be in good hands. «
    Marit Winnem
    Advokathuset Liljedahl

  • Carlos Nicolau

    » BELLAVISTA is very proud to offer its clients the opportunity to count on Euréseau professional team:
    easily reachable and fully reliable. «
    Carlos Nicolau

  • Daphna Kahn

    » Being a part of the Euréseau network enables us to offer to those of our clients working in Israel and abroad, legal services available at all times. We are also in a position of solving legal problems as well as referring our clients to any of the legal firms operating in so many countries in the world. «
    Daphna Kahn, partner
    Jonathan Kahn & Co., Law Offices & Notary

  • Jonathan Kahn

    » The Euréseau network is a great example of how our world is becoming smaller and smaller. The Euréseau network provides us with endless possibilities to consult and cooperate with law firms acting in various jurisdictions, while offering our clients a wide range of services almost worldwide. «
    Jonathan Kahn
    Jonathan Kahn & Co., Law Offices & Notary


Welcome to Euréseau

Euréseau is a worldwide association of independent professional firms serving clients around the world. Our network relies on longstanding friendship and trust between the individual partners of our independent member firms. Our member firms are local specialists however internationally minded. Clients enjoy a friendly, personal and most trustful environment when being accompanied by our independent member firms in the country of their individual interest.

Hans-Oluf Meyer
advokatfirma | meyer