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Euréseau Meeting in Sao Paulo, October 2019

The Euréseau Autumn Meeting 2019 took place in Sao Paulo, Brazil and was hosted by Bergamaschi & Bozzo Sociedade de Advogados

This year the Euréseau Autumn Meeting was held in Sao Paulo. Delegates from 9 different countries participated and the 7-day-event provided the framework not only for deep dive professional discussions, exchange, and presentations but also for experiencing a very beautiful Sao Paulo an Rio de Janeiro and learning a lot about Brazil’s culture and cuisine.

We thank all the members of Bergamaschi & Bozzo Sociedade de Advogados present, specifically André Bergamaschi and his team for organizing and hosting the Autumn Meeting 2019 in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Thank you for the very warm and friendly welcome in Bergamaschi & Bozzo Sociedade de Advogados` offices on Tuesday evening and expressed his delight about the beautiful venue at Maksoud Plaza of the meeting just in the center of the city. We can´t describe how impressive Sunday in the city of Sao Paulo has been, full of music and dancing and joy of the people of Sao Paulo. We also thank all members for their participation - we ar full of great joy about this EuréseaU meeting held in South America again after the last meeting in South America, in Columbia.


André Bergamaschi and his team gave us a broad overview about the civil law system in Brazil. Lawyers can actually practice all over the country. During the last years law schools and the number of lawyers increased, however the quality of the ordinary lawyer has not risen tremendously. The key to business success is to specialize in specific fields of law. All over Brazil one can say that per 190 inhabitants one lawyer is available.
We were introduced to 4 systems of justice, the federal justice, an exclusive labour law justice, the military justice and last but not least the common justice. Supreme and constitutional courts are rather considered as political courts because major important political cases are decided by these courts.
Bergamaschi & Bozzo Sociedade de Advogados mainly works in the field of common justice and federal justice.
The legal system in Brazil is based on codified laws. There is no mandatory mediation. However arbitration and mediation is practiced and often sold as a so-called private justice.

Brazil offers a so-called legal aid system which is furnished by the so-called legal defence agency of Brazil: State employed lawyers who are at the same time members of the Bar are defending the interest of clients qualified to legal aid.

The firm practices in a variety of fields of law, which are civil litigation, banking law, corporate law, contracts, labour, reorganization and covers a variety of sectors specifically mining, energy, oil and gas and renewable sources.

Hans-Oluf Meyer thanked all members for their attendance and contribution to this very constructive and interesting meeting.


The Euréseau Spring Meeting 2022 will take place on May 20 – May 22, 2022 in Rotterdam, Netherlands hosted by our member HerikVerhulst N.V..