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The EuréseaU November 2014 meeting took place in Nicosia, Cyprus.

During the last ten years, Cyprus has changed dramatically as it is now a member of the EU. Nicosia is blossoming into a colourful cosmopolitan collage of theatres, restaurants, clubs, and culture that is still in touch with nature with coastal walks, migrating flamingoes and beautiful mountain scenery.

Roddy Damalis, a famous Limassol cook puts his love for “his” Cyprus in words we could only agree with:  

“When I close my eyes and think of Cyprus I see so much…

An ancient olive tree; the symbol of resilience, nourishment and ageless beauty. Majestic monasteries and tiny stone chapels that stand testament to our rich religious history. Small coffee shops, where men drink coffee and play Tavli whilst they debate politics. Music concerts, dramatic productions and operas amidst ancient ruins. Tavernas serving seasonal dishes under grape-laden canopies and elegant hotels and restaurants with international menus. The joy of a family barbecue or that of finding wild asparagus and mushrooms.

Trendy beach bars in the moonlight serving cocktails until the small hours. The back streets of the towns with magnificent classical buildings, the markets with their stalls piled high with fruit, fresh herbs and baskets as they have been for generations. Old cobbled roads and donkeys in the vine terraces, contrasting sharply with new highways. Designer cafés heaving with dazzling youth, playgrounds filled with laughing children and young boys on bicycles. Geraniums, citrus trees, vines and the heavenly smell of souvlakia cooking on charcoal.

Where whilst waiting in a bank or shop you will be offered a cup of coffee and on the first day of the month you will be wished ‘Kalo Mina’ (‘Good Month’) and on Monday ‘Kali Evthomada’ (‘Good Week’). Where people, young and old, fill the church with candlelight at Easter and Limassol with laughter at Carnival and where you return home to a plate of fruit or home baking on the door step left by your neighbor…

These are just some of the many reasons I love my beautiful Cyprus…”