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Euréseau Meeting in Trieste, October 2018

The EuréseaU Autumn Meeting 2018 took place in Trieste, Italy and was hosted by Emanuele Urso

This year the EuréseaU Autumn Meeting was held in Trieste. Delegates from 11 different countries participated and the three-day event provided the framework not only for professional discussion, exchange and presentations, but also for getting to know more about Italy’s legal system, history and culture.

In a genuine Italian fashion, the first evening started off with a wine tasting. The Commission consisting of the delegates Franz Heidinger, Neil Emerson and George Liasides enjoyed and rated more than 10 different wines and selected the winners. Luxembourg achieved third place, Portugal second and Croatia won the competition. The next day, the hosts gave a warm welcome speech and an interesting introduction to the legal system of Italy. In the afternoon, the presentation “Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) for lawyers – a practical approach” took place and Dr. Gerald Augustin, LL.M. talked about the “Know Your Client” (KYC) automation and other useful tools, cooperation with banks in connection with corporate finance or capital market transactions and about how to draft a risk analysis.

After the official part of the meeting, the delegates participated in a tour through the city and learned about the history of Trieste. Under the motto “Changing face of the city”, the tour guide started by talking about the Roman City, which was later destroyed by the Huns and that Trieste was under the rule of the Hapsburg-Austrian monarchy for 536 years. During this period, Maria Theresia ordered the city walls to be taken down and an enlargement westwards towards the sea. Therefore, the “old” city center is actually rather new. Moreover, Trieste was shaped by the peaceful coexistence of different religions and withstood WWI & WWII, fascism and communism. The guide emphasized that this model could be applied to the present and that it should be viewed as an example for all Europe.

The day came to a magnifico end with an amazing dinner at the restaurant “Chimera Di Bacco”, which tries to incorporate traditional and experimental elements of the Italian cuisine. President Hans-Oluf Meyer thanked Emanuele Urso again for the organization and the great hotel, Illy coffee and very informative tour guide. Finally, he presented Emanuele with a gift, but also questioned the wine tasting proceedings with a wink.